About Us

About Us

EuroTek Industries is a leading management consulting company which is primarily focused on providing consulting services in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Founded and headquartered in the United Kingdom, EuroTek Industries prides itself on operating using classic management consulting techniques coupled with the use of outstanding technological expertise. This dual approach has ensured that we are consistently at the highest level of business consulting and are regarded as a Regional leader within our field.

Our focus has always been to help companies regarding strategy, structure, management, and operations. In doing so, we have helped many businesses improve in performance and growth by creating viable and sustainable business solutions along the entire value chain. We also deal in mergers and acquisitions, third party contracting and supply chain management, making us an essential tool for business in Iraq and the KRI.

Our areas of business are in the fields of oil and gas, construction, raw materials, banking, government, real estate, and intercontinental import and export of goods. We specialize in both business to business and business to client relations, essentially covering the majority of the management consultancy spectrum. Moreover, our focus on digitalization and new technologies allows us to overcome the obstacles of a globalized economy, so much so, that these technologies are core to our products, business models, and processes.

Our consultants are here to help clients and businesses rethink existing business models, to digitalize procedures and processes, to network customers with companies and vice versa, and to build the platforms for customers, companies, and products. Our unique selling proposition is the combination of our vast local networks and business know-how, technological expertise, and international business standards.

Having had a presence in Iraq and the KRI in various forms since 2003, our local knowledge and local and international contacts are unparalleled by any of our competitors. Our understanding of local legislation and business practices allows our clients to operate and implement strategies seamlessly.

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