Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Here at Eurotek Industries, we view ourselves as a gateway enterprise, aiding and assisting other companies and organizations entry, establishment, and reorganization in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. From start to finish, we provide our expert advice on entry strategy, implementation of systems and structures, legislation, and local customs and business conduct. We provide independent advice on complex business problems at senior levels in the countries largest industrial and business sectors, whilst having a hands-on role to ensure solutions are not only conceived but also delivered with genuine benefits.

Since our inception, Eurotek Industries has specialized in obtaining government contracts, connecting businesses for joint ventures, acquiring key permits and legal documentation, project management, third party contracting, mergers and acquisitions, and large scale investment projects within all the major key sectors in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

With Iraq and the Kurdistan Region regaining their financial dominance in the Middle East, business is on its way back and interest in the country is more than its ever been. Alongside our partners, we are helping foreign investors back into the country, whilst providing them with safety net strategies and key market entry information. We believe that the time to start is now.

Our business is to capitalize on opportunities. To do this, two specific areas are key; due diligence and key contacts. Deals are becoming more competitive as buyers are looking for new ways to create value in a target. Local merchants are also becoming savvier when marketing their business. Eurotek Industries assess the holistic risk and opportunities involved in a business deal, incorporating financial, operational, and commercial issues & opportunities to maximize value in the deal. By viewing due diligence holistically through the whole business spectrum we ensure issues within a specific business function are not considered exclusively, but rather we look across the whole business.

As our business expands we are now cementing ourselves as market leaders:


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