Eurotek Industries and our partners have been involved in the construction industry for decades, and are the architects behind some of the Kurdistan Region’s most prominent Landmarks. Since the early 90’s, alongside our sister company, Surchi Construction, we have been heavily engaged in the construction sector of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and were one of the first companies to operate on government tenders and NGO contracts. Today, we are recognized as a leader in the industry for our strength in traditional construction methods and for our creative, fresh approach to cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems.

Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from smaller renovations to large-scale government projects. We specialize in the construction of government buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants, campsite construction, telecommunications infrastructure centers, and road & civil works. We are also specialists in the construction of waterworks projects and larger scale water retention projects, such as the famous Bekhma Dam project.

Landmark projects of ours include the Erbil Governorate building, Arabella Hotel Erbil, and Moka & More Erbil. As of 2017, we are working on the construction of the new Erbil Governorate building. With such vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal construction solution for all commercial development projects. Our commitment to quality, along with continued strategic and controlled growth, continues to be translated into a large number of satisfied clients and a high degree of repeat business. We endorse a ‘One Team, One Family’ notion by working collaboratively with our clients, contractors, and consultants.

Our success is driven by more than building some of the most advanced facilities for our corporate, institutional and government clients. More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions for their complex construction projects.

Our team of construction professionals offers a single-source solution for all of your construction-related needs. Whether it is restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction on schedule and within budget. We provide complete project management and a full turnkey service when working for private clients or when outsourced by other construction companies requiring our services.

Our strength lies in our vast network of local and international peers who provide us with the highest quality materials, and the most advanced equipment. Our partners are global powerhouses within the construction industry, and we are proud to be associated with them, and to be implementing projects alongside companies with such high levels of integrity and work ethic.

As Iraq and the Kurdistan Region embark on a new chapter, construction is on the rise, and is a viewed as the by-product of heavy interest and smart investment, especially in the Kurdistan Region.