The Iraqi (including the Kurdistan Region) system of government touches all aspects of the country’s society. The people demand much from public sector systems and institutions, including leadership, effective regulatory frameworks, and quality service delivery. Yet the government faces unprecedented challenges attempting to tackle new and accelerating – and increasingly complex – public policy problems. To make matters more complicated, all of this is occurring in an environment of continuing fiscal austerity, especially as they are oil based economies, which rely heavily on crude exports.

The enduring public good of a highly effective government is founded upon bold evidence informed approaches to challenges. Government and its civil servants must:

  • Develop a clear understanding of where government, at any level, can best perform its role given the needs of the people
  • Identify the optimal delivery model for government to effectively and openly execute its role in society
  • Understand how the organizational capabilities of public sector systems and institutions enable performance in the face of ever changing demands from the people
  • Understand how well the leaders of the public sector systems and institutions motivate and skill their staff to deliver outstanding results
  • Define how the government, private and non-profit sectors can partner more effectively to improve the lives and productivity of all citizens

Eurotek Industries supports Iraq & the Kurdistan Region’s public sector systems and institutions to respond rapidly and to better execute their vast responsibilities the country and the Region’s many and diverse citizens.

At Eurotek Industries we work with many public sector systems and institutions. Our work traverses the development of public policy, government business strategy and plans, organizational design and change management, optimization of technology investments, and the development of public sector leaders. Eurotek Industries consultants bring to our projects depth of relevant government expertise, rigorous strategic thinking ability, and insight into the human condition.Our work reflects the complexities of government and addresses the needs of diverse, often contesting stakeholders. We are inspired by the journey of generating innovative, workable new answers to some of the society’s most complex and complicated challenges.

Our mission is to transform and improve public services. We work with the full spectrum of government and the public sector, from central departments through to universities and local service providers.