Oil And Gas

Oil & Gas

At Eurotek Industries our oil and gas services cater to organizations and people across the entire supply chain – from testing, inspection and certification to consulting, technical, engineering and other related services.

The oil and gas industry brings a distinctive set of challenges for operators. As exploration and production continue to rise in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of support services have become more critical than ever. At Eurotek Industries we take care of our clients by intertwining international work standards with precious local knowledge, allowing us to work seamlessly with both International Oil Companies (IOCs) and locally owned companies, in a way that is unrivaled by our competitors.

We ensure our people and sites are safe, and our processes being optimized takes precedence across the entire supply chain – from exploration to extraction, and all the way through to the transportation of hydrocarbons, which is governed by stringent regulations and standards.

Operating in Iraq, and the frontier market of the Kurdistan Region, demands knowledge and experience of the industry and its unique procedures. At Eurotek Industries we possess years of
experience in supporting clients in both the upstream and downstream sectors. Our oil and gas services include, but are not limited to, campsite construction, seismic operations services, life support services, lubrications, procurement and transportation of hydrocarbons, refining, training, and testing.

At Eurotek Industries we:

  • Health, Safety & Environment

    Lead by example through our superior Health, Safety & Environment Policies

  • Quality & Efficiency

    Continually develop on our work quality & efficiency

  • Business Strategies

    Promote innovative business strategies

  • Kurdistan’s localization

    Abide by & implement Kurdistan’s localization initiative

  • legislation associated

    Promote transparency in our work by abiding to legislation associated with our activities

  • Up-most care

    Ensure the up-most care for the wellbeing of all of our staff

With us as your partner, you can be assured that our respected and renowned experts are working to support and further your business operations. From drilling to extracting and beyond, we have the expert services needed to meet your quality, safety, compliance, performance, commercial and other goals.


Oil And Gas