Security depends on a range of areas including defense, intelligence and border protection, justice and policing, and emergency services. The issues facing the sector are complex and challenging and difficult to resolve. Security risks in the region are more complicated and multi-faceted than at any time since the first gulf war. The dynamics of power shifts in the strategic environments in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and the rest of the Middle East continue to bring into question long held assumptions of defense planning. The freedom of international movement of people and capital and the ubiquitous resources of the cyber world facilitate cooperation and actions that pose serious security concerns.

The sector in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region faces a number of key challenges:

  • Security is no longer just a matter for government. They must now engage with businesses, financial institutions and the community as they seek to understand and address new and emerging threats.
  • As national security policy becomes more complex, the governments need to find organizational responses, business models, technical capacity and institutional cultures that allow maximum collaboration and cooperation while retaining specific skills and proficiencies.
  • The persistence of global terrorism, no state threats, failed states, regional conflicts and home-grown political violence are harder to manage as the distinctions between security and crime and between social disadvantage and religious intolerance.

The complexity in the national security environment is further exacerbated by all the other factors affecting government policy-making – population growth, economic stability, resources constraints, climate change and one of the youngest populations in the world.There is an increasing need to be prepared for and have resources to respond to emergencies such as fires, floods, and rescues. Emergency services are central to planning and responding to the emergencies. We expertise in preparing for such events and building systems to support the emergency services.

When considering all the above, Eurotek Industries provides bespoke security services ranging from personal security, building and compound security, cyber security, technologies, state security services, security consulting, security systems, and emergency response.